About Us

Our company started in 2005 in San Luis, Argentina. It was created to exploit the commercial air transport service, its most important value being its staff and its “Know How” both in air cargo logistics as well as in the rest of the services it provides. Its members are highly recognized argentine aviation professionals, as they have 30 years of experience in different airlines in Argentina and abroad. We participate in different projects together with the National and Provincial governments, as well as with private companies providing aeronautical advice and other services. We have carefully analyzed the growth processes of air cargo in Argentina and in the region. Also, we advance in special aeronautical ventures. We qualify before the Argentine Government- ANAC– (National Civil Aviation Administration), presenting ourselves at Public Hearing No. 219, obtaining the permits and authorizations for the provision of the exclusive, national and international air cargo service, with large size aircraft without limit weight (according to RAAC 121 regulations) through ANAC Resolution No. 329 / 2019.-

Our Mission

Our mission as the first airline of exclusive loads of Argentina is to be innovative in several areas that have not yet been explored in our country. Likewise, we intend to incorporate new concepts of Air Cargo that manage to encourage regional economies by using our logistics tools. We are proud of the road traveled...

Our Vision

Our vision is to be at the forefront of air cargo in Argentina, inserting in the market a new logistical system of operation, from Argentina to the world. We are committed to providing our services, always taking care of our values ​​to respond to the commitment assumed. Our team of shortlisted professionals has developed the best strategies in each department, in order to give an immediate response to the requirements of the Argentine aero-commercial market, which for 25 years did not have the operation of an Exclusive Air Cargo airline.