Special Projects

Forest fires

Our company has an operational partnership agreement, based on the "Joint Venture" agreement concluded with the company Seaplane Global Air Services, -who operate the BE-200 (amphibious aircraft for missions to fight forest fires, air loads, ambulances and passengers) as well as other types of forest fire fighting aircraft and helicopters. We are representatives of the latter in South America to manage and obtain potential rental or sales contracts for these aircraft.

We have a joint research and operation agreement with “Cóndor Mendoza” to carry out special projects and thus be able to complete a range of activities related to air cargo through the use of drones, support in forest fires to determine temperature points, aerial spraying, etc. . This strategic alliance puts us at the forefront of innovation in this type of unmanned guided aircraft.

Drones development department

We have a team of professionals dedicated to the manufacture of drones for different uses:

Drones equipped for Aerial Fumigation

Drones equipped for Aerial Seeding

Drones for verification of Forest Fires

Drones equipped for Thermal Cameras

Drones equipped for surveillance, filming and photography

Drones equipped for terrain surveying and scanner

Drones equipped to transport parcels E-commerce